2010 Automotive SEO Webinar with Bran Pasch Scheduled for January 21st

Brian Pasch, CEO of the PCG Digital Marketing (PCG), will help dealers understand where and how to spend Internet marketing dollars in 2010 to achieve the greatest results. 

A January 21st Internet Marketing webinar hosted by Pasch and DealersEdge.com will present valuable insight to help dealers allocate Internet ad budgets more effectively and efficiently. 

Topics to be covered during the webinar include:

  •  Latest trends and best strategies in Dealership Internet Marketing for 2010
  • How to measure the ROI from the various Internet Marketing Options available
  • If Social Media is a useful advertising medium for your dealership
  • Are Twitter and Facebook generating any real business for auto dealers
  • How much staff time is needed to effectively implement a Digital Marketing plan
  • The really big issue – What percentage of my budget should be allocated to digital marketing techniques and opportunities.
  • And much, much more…

According to a recent survey underwritten by PCG, a significant number of auto dealers will be increasing the percentage of their ad budgets devoted to Internet Marketing and other non-traditional media in 2010.

The same survey found that 40% of dealers surveyed had less than 20% of their ad budget allocated to digital marketing in the past. With so little previously spent on Internet marketing, and many large increases planned – many dealers will need some coaching on where and how to allocate these new Internet Marketing investments.

On January 21st Brian Pasch will answer these questions and disclose the best Internet marketing opportunities that are worthy of dealer interest.  Dealers will learn how to allocate their advertising budgets properly to take full advantage of the most proficient opportunities on the net.

The 90 minute webinar will be recorded and a download of the entire program will be made available to every attendee at no additional charge – So dealers can review the marketing suggestions and share it with fellow dealership managers and marketing planners.

Registration is $298 and can be completed online at: http://www.dealersedge.com/pasch

The PCG Digital Marketing is also co-sponsoring an Automotive Marketing Boot Camp on February 12th in Orlando, one day prior to the official start of the 2010 NADA Convention.  The one day hands-on skills based training will include classes in social media, search engine optimization, video marketing, pay-per-click marketing and microsites.

Automotive professionals looking to enhance their 2010 digital marketing strategies are encourage to fly into Orlando a day early and attend the Boot Camp.  The event will be held at the Rosen Centre Hotel adjacent to the Convention hall.

Boot Camp classes will be lead by the industry’s leading experts in all categories, including Brian Pasch, JD Rucker, Eric Mayhew, Paul Rushing and Tim Jennings.  Pasch is also taking appointments from dealer professionals who want to meet with him to discuss digital marketing strategy development for 2010. 

Complete information on the Automotive Marketing Boot Camp can be found online at: http://www.automotivemarketingbootcamp.com 

About the Brian Pasch and the PCG Digital Marketing

Brian Pasch is a veteran marketing expert and a noted expert in the field of Automotive SEO and Internet marketing. His career has spanned both management and technology roles.

He continues to lead research into Digital Marketing platforms. PCG continually tests new digital marketing strategies which can provide a cost effective channels for business advertising and lead generation.

PCG works for and with an ever-growing number of auto dealers and dealer groups from all over the country to maximize results of their digital marketing efforts.