Automotive Website Awards by PCG Digital Marketing Highlights Top Companies

PCG Digital Marketing today released the results of their highly anticipated 2010 Automotive Website Awards (AWA).  The results of the 3rd automotive website awardsannual study were announced at an awards ceremony in Las Vegas this morning, preceding the official start of the 9th Digital Dealer Conference & Exposition.

The 2010 Automotive Website Award study included a review of more than 45 automotive website providers and highlights several companies as industry leaders in automotive search marketing, and for the first time, website design and website technology. The new award categories are a result of the industry’s response to the popular Automotive Search Marketing Awards (ASMA) which will continue under the AWA “search” category.   The ASMA awards are the standard for recognizing website platforms that excel in organic search.

In the Automotive Website Design category, awards were given for three classifications of automotive website platforms: dealership websites, manufacturer websites and third party automotive advertising websites.

In the Automotive Website Technology category, website platforms were evaluated on innovative core technology that stood above their peers.

2010 Automotive Website Award Winners

The 2010 Search Marketing awards are structured in three categories:

Phoenix Awards – Representing website companies that have released an impressive redesign of their website technology that will result in significant upside performance, features and functionality to their customers. Phoenix award winning platforms will be a force to be reckoned with in 2011.

Peak Performance – Representing website companies that have the search marketing architecture and feature set that will provide their clients with a strong competitive advantage online. Peak Performance winners are members of an elite group, which represent platforms that will enable dealers to create an unfair competitive advantage in their local markets.

Pinnacle Platform – The Pinnacle award is the highest recognition we provide in the AWA Search Marketing category. The companies receiving this award have designed and delivered search compliant websites that stood above their peers.

Pinnacle Platform winners deliver outstanding digital marketing platforms for car dealers and show an unprecedented attention to detail in live production. These automotive platforms reached the pinnacle for scoring in our AWA benchmarks and live testing, which demonstrates that these companies practice what they preach.

2010 AWA Pinnacle Platform Award winners, our highest award for Search Marketing, in alphabetical order:

The 2010 AWA Peak Performance Award winners for Search Marketing, in alphabetical order:

The 2010 AWA Phoenix Award winners for Search Marketing, in alphabetical order:

The 2010 Website Design winners by category are:

The 2010 Website Technology winners by category are:

The results of the 2010 AWA report were announced to attendees of the 9th Digital Dealer conference in Las Vegas at an awards ceremony.

Download the Automotive Website Awards full report.