Cobalt’s Vipin Singh To Showcase New Automotive SEO Tools

Vipin Singh will be joining the panel of instructors in the 2013 Automotive SEO Study on August 20, 2013.

The six week educational series is training 100 dealers on the latest strategies to improve their organic search listings and traffic.

I invited Vipin to speak to members of the Automotive SEO Study after seeing a preview of what Cobalt will be offering their dealer network.  It was impressive!

Think of Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin features inside of a Cobalt website page creator for dealers who subscribe to the advanced SEO services.  Sweet!

About Vipin Singh

Vipin Singh is a Senior SEO Product Manager at Cobalt.  He has 14 years of experience in Digital Marketing and search technologies working with startups and for some of the leading global brands such as Microsoft, Gartner, and Advance Auto Parts.

Vipin brings an entrepreneurial excitement and innovative thought process to every project because of his experience founding a successful startup.

He built his first startup back in 1999 that was sold to a wireless company for its search-like bots and content aggregation technology.  He joined Cobalt from Microsoft in 2012, where he worked as a product manager for the Central Marketing Group and helping many brands such as Xbox and WindowsPhone, and Microsoft Store.

He also spent a year as a product manager on the AdCenter and Display ad teams at Microsoft.  Previous to that he worked for a  cross-channel commerce software company that works with large to mid-size retailers on their ecommerce platforms where his focus as a Digital Marketing & SEO Strategist to help clients such as Le Creuset, Hanes, Bealls, BassPro, Dillard’s, and Advanced Auto Parts with their SEO, Search, and Digital marketing strategies.  

When he’s not busy optimizing sites for search engines, Vipin enjoys spending time with his family (his daughter is an avid tennis player), eating great ethnic food, and watching Tennis Channel and feeding his addiction of Tennis.

Vipin Joins AUTOMOTIVE SEO Study Webinar on August 20th

Participants of the August 20th Automotive SEO webinar will learn about the latest key factors in the search algorithm: Social Signals and Schema, how it works, how it factors into the SEO formula and the benefits to your dealership.

You will also be among the first to preview Cobalt’s SEO Page Score Tool built for automotive websites. This tool does a comprehensive SEO website analysis and provides a comparison report of competitive sites in real time.

So if you are a customer of Cobalt websites, this is one live webinar that you will not want to miss.

See you next Tuesday on our next webinar.


Brian Pasch, CEO

PCG Consulting



Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z Yankees Stadium Performance Marred by Poor Audio Mix

JTphotoI thought it would be the heat that would put a damper on my enthusiasm for the Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z “Legends of The Summer” concert at Yankees Stadium last night but the heat was bearable; the audio mix was not.

Temperatures soared to 104 degrees on our ride to the Bronx, later to see them cool to 90 degrees, but the fans came out to enjoy a show.  Little did we know that we would get burned by the stage team handling the mixing board audio for the show.

Having attended hundreds of concerts of the years it was a shame that the vocal mix of the show was so poor.  JT and Jay-Z were amazing and their voices were spot on but the audio team really was off last night.  The vocals were sounded “muddy” and the words hard to follow unless you already knew the word.

It was like they treated the headliners as an opening act.  Many times an opening band never gets the benefit of the full audio system power that a headliner receives.  The audio mixing was embarrassing, and a poor reflection of these superstars who came out to sing.

I asked people if they agreed with my assessment and the verdict was clear; the vocals were to “bassy” and never crisp.  Even when Justin sat down at the piano and asked the audience to “take a break and sit down” you could notice that the vocal acoustics of the show were flawed.

I hope someone from the concert logistics crew reads this article and makes adjustments.  The show  was amazing and the energy of Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z on the stage was thrilling but I left the show very disappointed.


Brian Pasch, CEO

PCG Consulting



LinkedIn Training For Automotive Sales Professionals

By Brian Pasch

Creating A Local Referral Network

A great opportunity for sales professionals today is using LinkedIn to create a powerful LOCAL referral network.  I have created a video series for PCG clients that shows their sales staff how to setup a LinkedIn account and then how to use it to sell more cars.

Sales professionals should connect with all their customers as a matter of practice.  These connections will allow them to build long term business relationships with their customers.  LinkedIn will also allow sales professionals to connect with friends of their customers. The key is to know how to do increase local connections properly (politely) and within the guidelines of LinkedIn.

Another benefit:  LinkedIn emails have a SUPER HIGH delivery rate!!

Sometimes your customer email addresses go bad and you can lose that channel of communication over time.  LinkedIn profiles are normally updated when your customers change jobs which means LinkedIn connections have a longer lifespan than a work email address.

Start Your LinkedIn SALES Training

Are your sales professionals using LinkedIn every day?  They can’t if they don’t understand how it will help them to sell more cars.  They can’t if they don’t have a LinkedIn account.

All sales professionals should be spending at least 30 minutes a day building their skills, their local brand, and their referral network.  LinkedIn is one of a handful of new strategies that are available for sales professionals who will embrace the Internet and social/business networking tools.

Take a peek at the specific LinkedIn opportunity, by watching the first three videos in this seven part series:

I would love your feedback on “new” ideas or strategies that are working at your dealership to make your sales team stand out from local dealership choices.


Brian Pasch, CEO

PCG Consulting