PCG Consulting Is Expanding Into Holland

PCG Consulting Services, Digital Marketing and Internet Sales Training Leader from the United States Partners with Holland’s Automotive Internet Marketing Pioneer to Create Company: PCG Consulting Holland.

February 28, 2014 (Amsterdam, Netherlands) – Paul de Vries, automotive online marketing pioneer and founder of Nieuweautokopen.nl announced today a partnership with US based PCG Consulting, which forms a new company to serve auto dealers in the Netherlands.

The new company, called PCG Consulting Holland, will bring best practices from the United States in automotive digital marketing, online merchandising, Internet lead handling, and sales process to auto dealers in Holland. The joint venture is a perfect match for the pioneering efforts that Paul de Vries has made to change the culture of automotive sales in Holland.

Paul de Vries, successful online automotive entrepreneur and founder of Nieuweautokopen.nl: “I am very pleased to announce this new joint venture with PCG Consulting. Brian Pasch, CEO of PCG Consulting USA, is recognized for his leadership in digital marketing strategy and Internet sales process for auto dealers. PCG brings resources to Holland that will help dealers adapt to the consumer automotive shopping process which starts on the Internet and requires dealers to rethink their role in the sales process.”

PCG Consulting Holland will offer automotive dealers advanced digital marketing consulting services in addition to providing software tools to organize their online marketing investments and sales opportunities. PCG Holland is already working with leading automotive retailers in the Netherlands, and this announcement will raise the bar for automotive retailing in Holland.

According to Brian Pasch, CEO of PCG Consulting Services USA “Auto dealers in Holland have an opportunity to take advantage of winning Internet sales strategies and marketing processes that we have implemented n the United States, Mexico, and Canada. In 2014, PCG is expanding partnerships in the EU to offer dealers a proven method to grow their sales and profits. Paul de Vries is the ideal partner for PCG because of his innovative sales strategies and Internet sales processes he has implemented in Holland.”

PCG Consulting Holland will also be offering dealers the automotive industry’s most advanced digital marketing data management software: ROI-BOT™. Auto dealers will be able to view, manage, and inspect the ROI of their online marketing and merchandising investments from a single login. Automotive marketing vendors in Holland have already committed to integrating their dealer reports into the ROI-BOT™ software.

For more information on PCG Consulting Holland, contact Paul De Vries at 06-55841398 or by email at paul@pcgconsulting.nl


About PCG Consulting Services

PCG Consulting Services, an automotive consulting firm, is a leader in automotive digital marketing and sales training in the United States. PCG Consulting also operates in Mexico, Canada, and in 2014 is expanding their services in Italy, Holland, and Great Britain.

PCG Consulting Services best selling book “Selling Cars in the Digital Age” is redefining the way in which car dealers connect with online shoppers. PCG provides sales training, Internet process coaching, and software tools to help dealers sell more cars online. The book has now been translated in Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and soon to be completed in German.

About Paul de Vries

As Founder of Nieuweautokopen.nl, the ultimate online sales channel for new cars, Paul de Vries has vast and long experience with online sales in the automotive industry. Ever since his pioneering role many years back, he has been raising the bar and challenging the automotive industry over and over again with his fresh new ideas.

Not only his own business benefited from his broad experience, also other automotive companies could build upon his highly acclaimed knowledge. All of his initiatives help the retailer grow his business and improve customer satisfaction. Paul’s fresh thinking made his online car store the best in the business and the only successful automotive web shop.

Are You An Apple iPhone Battery Backup Bitch?


By Brian Pasch

I love Apple products because of their design and ease of use. When I switched from a PC to a Macbook Pro, years ago now, I was amazed on how much more productive I was.  I loved my initial iPhone, it changed the way I work. However, my love affair with my Apple iPhone is on the rocks.

My interest in other phone hardware has been growing. I even looked at alternative phone in the AT&T store yesterday. I felt like I was cheating on Apple.

My girlfriend, equally frustrated with her iPhone 4, switched to a Samsung phone.  I now have a divided house, that just yesterday was 100% Apple.  She loves her new phone, and is now actively trying to convert me.

Active Travelers Need Real Battery Life

I am an active traveler and also active on social media.  I received about 200 emails a day and about 30 texts.  I use my phone for Google search, navigation, and apps like LinkedIn, Facebook, United Airlines, and CNBC. My current iPhone 5 is incapable of lasting a half day on an internal charge.

In fact, I have a Mophie battery pack, shown below, that I can drain in a single day, along with the internal iPhone 5 battery pack.  The Mophie phone case was no better; same inability to last 18+ hours.

On very active days, I can burn through an additional mini battery pack shown below in blue.  I even recently tried a new battery case with internal battery, and once again I was disappointed.



Optimizing the iPhone Settings

I have read numerous articles on how to optimize the iPhone settings for mail, tracking, apps, etc. Nothing really solves the problem of having an iPhone that can last a full day without being a slave to an electrical outlet or battery pack.

Am I the only one laughing in airports when I see business people sitting on dirty airport floors chained to an electrical outlet located behind a pole, vending machine, or chair?

I’m getting tired a spending extra brain cycles worrying about my phone battery as well as carrying extra gear that just seems senseless.  Has anyone found a hardware platform that can hold up to an active road warrior?

Please share you story, I am on the market and ready to be convinced.


Brian Pasch, CEO

PCG Consulting