It Was Not Easier To Follow Christ 2,000 Years Ago

I am very grateful that I attended Church recently in Royal Palm Beach, Florida. On that day, Christ Fellowship had a special guest speaker named Lisa Bevere. After service, there were a number of books and resources written by Lisa and her husband John Bevere.

I was instantly attracted to one book entitled “Killing Kryptonite” because I love superhero movies. John’s book touched my heart and confirmed a number of things that will change in my life by God’s grace and through the power of the Holy Spirit.

I’m not going to give away the storyline, but just like Kryptonite sapped power from Superman, making him even weaker than a human, the same result happens to the Church when we carry spiritual kryptonite into our congregations. I suggest that you order a copy of the book on Amazon today:

Would A Time Machine Help Me?

John’s book reminded me to share a story that was on my mind over the past few months. So today at 6:25 am in Rome Italy, I’m sitting in my hotel room to share an observation. Most of us have “heroes” that we admire or have inspired us. Have you ever said, I would like to go back in time and have a few days with _____________.

It doesn’t matter whose name you inserted on the blank line. The notion of a time-machine suggests that if we could go back in time to see, hear, and converse with our heroes, we might be a better version of us, today.

I thought about this time-machine fantasy regarding Jesus many times. I had a thought that if I could just see Jesus heal the lame, open the eyes of the blind, or change water into wine I would be a stronger Christian. A more faithful follower of Christ empowered by the Holy Spirit. Yet as I read John Bevere’s book and read the letters the Apostles wrote to the early Church, the time-machine concept wouldn’t work.

The same people who saw Jesus perform miracles, heard him teach, repented, and accepted him as their Savior fell back into sin. The writers of the New Testament specifically call out a number of sins that had crept into the congregation. The list could read like the stories contained in People or Us magazines.

The early Church also saw the power of the Holy Spirit enable early believers and the Apostles to heal the sick and cure the blind. Yet some of these early witnesses fell back into sin. My time-machine concept would not benefit me. It also could be considered an excuse not to live a full, empowered Christian life. To be the man that God wants me to be I must have faith, repent, be obedient to his Word, and rid myself of Spiritual Kryptonite.

Obedience Is Never Easy – The Reward However Is An Awesome Church

It was no easier being a Christian 2,000 years ago than it is today. We all have to make a choice on how we are to live and if we will truly live a Spirit-filled life. Your and my choices have consequences today just as they did in the early Church.  Let me finish with a quote from John’s book that should encourage you to read the book.

“God’s not holding us back. If we’re held back, it’s because of our own idolatry.” – John Bevere

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