Are You An Apple iPhone Battery Backup Bitch?


By Brian Pasch

I love Apple products because of their design and ease of use. When I switched from a PC to a Macbook Pro, years ago now, I was amazed on how much more productive I was.  I loved my initial iPhone, it changed the way I work. However, my love affair with my Apple iPhone is on the rocks.

My interest in other phone hardware has been growing. I even looked at alternative phone in the AT&T store yesterday. I felt like I was cheating on Apple.

My girlfriend, equally frustrated with her iPhone 4, switched to a Samsung phone.  I now have a divided house, that just yesterday was 100% Apple.  She loves her new phone, and is now actively trying to convert me.

Active Travelers Need Real Battery Life

I am an active traveler and also active on social media.  I received about 200 emails a day and about 30 texts.  I use my phone for Google search, navigation, and apps like LinkedIn, Facebook, United Airlines, and CNBC. My current iPhone 5 is incapable of lasting a half day on an internal charge.

In fact, I have a Mophie battery pack, shown below, that I can drain in a single day, along with the internal iPhone 5 battery pack.  The Mophie phone case was no better; same inability to last 18+ hours.

On very active days, I can burn through an additional mini battery pack shown below in blue.  I even recently tried a new battery case with internal battery, and once again I was disappointed.



Optimizing the iPhone Settings

I have read numerous articles on how to optimize the iPhone settings for mail, tracking, apps, etc. Nothing really solves the problem of having an iPhone that can last a full day without being a slave to an electrical outlet or battery pack.

Am I the only one laughing in airports when I see business people sitting on dirty airport floors chained to an electrical outlet located behind a pole, vending machine, or chair?

I’m getting tired a spending extra brain cycles worrying about my phone battery as well as carrying extra gear that just seems senseless.  Has anyone found a hardware platform that can hold up to an active road warrior?

Please share you story, I am on the market and ready to be convinced.


Brian Pasch, CEO

PCG Consulting