I Was Arrested in Rome Today


By Brian Pasch

I was arrested in Rome today.  I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong but I guess I’m not familiar with the business laws in Italy.

I was demonstrating our automotive dashboard software, ROI-BOT to a franchise dealer.  I showed him how our dashboard would give him insights into his online marketing investments, website traffic, and even send him a monthly scorecard on how his performance compared to known benchmarks.

Things got a little heated when I told the dealer that ROI-BOT would save him countless hours each month by reducing the time it takes to inspect vendor reports and refine his marketing strategy.

Things got out of hand when I suggested that ROI-BOT could save the dealership thousands of Euros each month by identifying marketing investments that were not producing more car sales.

I even told the dealer that he could master his online marketing data. The dealer said that this was impossible and picked up the phone.

He yelled “Digital marketing reports, website analytics, and Adwords spending was too complicated for dealers to understand.

When the police arrived and handcuffed me, I was shocked.  I was just telling the truth; ROI-BOT saves car dealers time and gives dealers insights that they never had before.

The ROI-BOT software gives dealers a 24×7 automotive marketing specialist that will alert them when it spots poor performance from any vendor partner or technology used in the dealership.

I was booked on a charge that translates in English to “Data Simplification and Optimization” and let go after two hours in a Roman jail cell.

When I got back to the hotel I was surprised to see a message on my cell phone.  It was the dealer, who apologized and asked for me to send him a contract.

It looks like he called a few dealers on the ROI-BOT reference list and found out my claims were true.

Another exciting day in Rome, and of course I wish all my colleagues a very happy April Fools Day.



Brian Pasch, CEO

PCG Consulting