15 Questions Ask Before Accepting A Digital Marketing Manager Job

By Brian Pasch

shutterstock_87668950The responsibilities of an Automotive Digital Marketing Manager will vary from dealership to dealership. Regardless of the size of your company you work for, your future employer must outline the responsibilities of your job so that a clear job description is created.

Without a clear job description, it will be difficult for you to actively participate in your annual performance review. If a detailed job description is not presented, offer to create one based on the questions provided below.

15 Questions To Ask Before Accepting The Job

An accurate job description for an Automotive Digital Marketing Manager can be created by asking your future employer these 15 questions:

  1. What is my job title (more important in larger organizations)?
  2. Who is my direct manager?  What level in the organization is he/she? What experience does this person have with digital marketing?
  3. What are my areas of responsibility?  Ask for a detailed list or talk through them to make a list. For example, specific projects, campaigns, or programs that you will manage.
  4. How many employees will I have to manage (for larger organizations)?
  5. What vendors will I responsible for managing? Request a list or build one based in inspecting their current marketing budget.
  6. Will I have the ability to approve marketing investments? Up to what dollar amount?
  7. How will my performance be measured and who will evaluate my performance?
  8. If my performance tied to financial bonuses? If yes, what is the compensation plan?  How long will you guarantee this plan will not change?
  9. What reports am I expected to generate and how often? Does the organization want paper or electronic reports?
  10. What are my work hours in the office and work hours outside of the office?
  11. What are the travel requirements and travel reimbursement policy for this role?
  12. Do you have a flexible work from home policy?
  13. What technology is provided by company (cell phone, laptop, iPad)
  14. How much money per year will be allocated for continuing education, conferences, workshops?
  15. What are the benefits that come with this job (healthcare, 401K, profit sharing, life insurance, dental, etc.)?

Define Performance Metrics Before You Start

Your employer may not want to get into specifics on how your performance will be evaluated each year, but you will need to understand the goals that will be set for your work. By asking the above questions, your job description will accurately document the responsibilities that were communicated when you were hired.

Define the performance metrics that will be part of your annual review. Be as specific as possible, so that your expectations and those of the dealership executive team are in sync.

Each year your job description may need to be edited to reflect new opportunities, technologies, and responsibilities. Don’t ignore this step! Having an outdated job description does not help you or the business.

Understand The Leadership Structure and CURRENT BUDGET

Take time to understand the executive team structure at the dealership and whom you will report to. Does the executive team have the ability to mentor you in your career or will you be the only person on staff that understanding the technical nature of digital marketing?

An experienced Automotive Digital Marketing Manager doesn’t need much hand holding but a green pea will struggle to find success without competent internal support.

If your dealership works with an outside advertising agency, ask who will manage their engagement with the dealership. If you are going to be responsible for the marketing strategies and investments of the organization, you need to have an active role in creative direction for the business as well.

You will also need to ask who manages vendor partners such as website providers, e-commerce technology, chat services, SEO, SEM, and video marketing. Inquire if the company has a data warehouse for centralized reporting. Ask if there are documented Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for each vendor that was hired. The more you ask upfront the easier it will be to set realistic expectations for your boss.

A divided house will not stand, so make sure you understand all the line items on the marketing budget and ask who currently controls those investment decisions. It is not unlikely to find marketing investments that are “islands” of their own, controlled by an executive in the business.

For example, a friend of the owner manages the direct mail campaigns, and they often discuss strategy without anyone else from the company involved. Be respectful of existing relationships but don’t be afraid to discuss the importance of a centralized role for marketing decisions.

Help Me Enhance The List of Questions

So what did I miss?  What questions would you add to the list so that an accurate job description and compensation plan can be prepared and approved?

Let’s make sure you understand that these steps should be taken BEFORE you accept an Automotive Digital Marketing Manager role in a new auto dealership!




Brian Pasch, CEO

PCG Consulting