Rate Your Mobile Friendly Automotive Software and Apps

mobile-dealership-tools-700By Brian Pasch

The fall automotive conferences showcased a number of technology solutions that were mobile friendly, adaptive, responsive, or packaged as a mobile app.  The marketplace is getting flooded with new products.  The product ROI claims are getting hard to substantiate, so I’m turning to the dealer community to help me with some important research.

If you are using mobile apps or mobile friendly software for inventory management, sales, CRM, F&I, or Service would you please take a minute to send me your feedback on what is working in your dealership and what failed to deliver the results that were promised.

You can send your experiences confidentially to me via email at brian@pcgmailer.com.  I will not be publishing your quotes or mention the vendor feedeback you provide online.  I am working on a new research paper and upcoming book and I need dealer feedback from the field.

Automotive Software Solutions

For example, there are a number of companies offering desking tools and CRM software that format nicely on an iPhone or an iPad.  Has your dealership implemented a mobile CRM app with your sales team and customers?  How did the rollout go? What did you learn?  What could be improved?

Are you using iPads in the service drive or in the F&I office?   Is there a missing iPad or iPhone app that your dealership needs? What should the next killer “mobile” solution for car dealers be?  Your feedback is important.

Please send your experiences confidentially to me via email at brian@pcgmailer.com.


Brian Pasch, CEO

PCG Consulting