Business Owners Should Leverage The Search Visibility of Google+

Google+ SEO StrategiesHave you setup your Google+ profile page for your business? Have you posted a few articles to see how well they are appearing in Google organic search?

If you have answered No to either of the above questions, you need to dive into the Google+ pool.  Change is in the air and great opportunity is available for those who are first to act!

Google+ is becoming a very serious tool for increasing the visibility of your business online.

Google+ Content Indexes Quickly

Why? Google+ content is ranking very strongly on Page One organic results.  You may even consider Google+ as your best investment for a business blog.

That’s right, the power of Google+ content posting with the correct formatting and strategy, may very well be much stronger than any content that you post on your  blog.

I have seen many examples where Google+ content is ranking on Page One for national search phrases to people connected with your Google account.  So the goal will be to connect with as MANY local consumers on Google+ as you can.

There are ways to jumpstart this connection process.  You can start by downloading your customer email addresses and invite them to join your Google+ circle.

Identifying Google Account Holders

Do you have a strategy to expand your “social circles” so that Google can see who you are connected with on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora and of course Google+.  This applies to you and every employee at your company.

I also should remind entrepreneurs on the importance of asking their customers if they have a Google account.  If you can add existing customers to your Google+ circles, you can significantly increase your LOCAL SEARCH visibility for search phrases in the future.  Does that seem attractive to you?

Local search optimization aligns with your local sales goals.  If you have been late to the game in local search optimization strategies, get started with Google+.  Implement an in-store process of identifying Googlized consumers.

850,000 Reason Why Google Will Continue Its Search Dominance

Google+ SEO For BusinessThese Googlized consumers can place a review on Google Places as well as join your Google+ community WHILE they are in your place of business.   Don’t be afraid of the IP address, use a 3G/4G iPad!

If you don’t see the opportunity, keep in mind that 850,000 Google Android mobile devices are activated PER DAY.  Each of these devices comes with a Google Gmail account.  Do you see the tsunami of influence that is coming?

Don’t confuse active consumer engagement on Google+ with opportunity.  Once you connect with a consumer with a Google account on YOUR Google+ account, it does not matter how much THEY use Google+.  You can influence their local search results even if the relationship is ONE SIDED.

Don’t miss this important opportunity.  This is a team effort so every employee should be involved in your Google+ strategy.


Brian Pasch, CEO
PCG Consulting