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PCG Companies is composed of an award-winning digital marketing agency, consulting firm, and online training platform located in Monmouth County, NJ led by Founder, Brian Pasch and CEO, Glenn Pasch. PCG’s roots began in digital marketing for the automotive industry, and have since expanded into non-automotive verticals from travel agencies to restaurants and everything in between. PCG’s mission, Advocate-Educate-Elevate, embodies their core ideals; to advocate for transparency, educate the public on the ever-changing digital landscape, and elevate their clients’ to success. PCG has also expanded to automotive product research, as well as data reporting for automotive dealers with their tool, VistaDash. For more information, please visit


In 2015 Brian Pasch Founded VistaDash—a comprehensive visual aid and vendor-neutral data warehouse that gives automotive dealerships the ability to consolidate and simplify reporting, as well as measure the quality of their online marketing campaigns based on engagement. Its clear, user-friendly interface displays all the latest data trends, allowing users to quickly and easily analyze information and encourage smarter marketing decisions. VistaDash brings in data from integrated marketing partners using API technology, allowing it to automatically update and display the most current data. For more information, please visit