2010 North American Wine Blogger’s Conference

I am very excited to be attending the 2010 North American Wine Bloggers conference in Walla Walla, Washington.  I will be premiering select wines from the much-anticipated 2009 vintage of Mollydooker wines.

The Wine Bloggers conference is the premier conference for new media and the wine industry.  Bloggers, new media innovators and wine industry leaders will all converge on Walla Walla from June 25-27 for the three-day symposium.  The conference brings a unique opportunity for attendees to learn about and discuss the intersection of wine with the world of new media including blogging, social media, and more.

Adding to the excitement of this year’s conference is the debut of select 2009 Mollydooker wines.  This is the first time any of the wines in the 2009 series are appearing in the US.  I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to be the first to taste and review the entire 2009 vintage during my trip to the Mollydooker winery in Australia.  All of my findings and reviews can be read at the online wine community: http://www.weloveshiraz.com

I will be uploading videos from the conference and plenty of blog posts, so for any of you who cannot attend the conference, follow along with me by becoming a member of his online wine community.

To learn more about the 2009 Mollydooker wine collection, please visit http://www.mollydookerwines.com

2009 Mollydooker Wine Scores

I summarized my reviews of the 2009 Mollydooker wines that I posted on Corkd.com below. The 2009 vintage is stunning and the 2009 Presale starts on May 2nd. Are you ready? 

Click here to order your wines: 2009 PreSale Link

Review Links on Corkd by Brian Pasch

2009 Mollydooker Velvet Glove Shiraz South Australia · 1 review     99/100
2009 Mollydooker Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz South Australia · 1 review     98/100
2009 Mollydooker Carnival of Love Shiraz South Australia · 1 review     98/100
2009 Mollydooker The Boxer Shiraz South Australia · 1 review     96/100
2009 Mollydooker Enchanted Path South Australia · 1 review     95/100
2009 Mollydooker Gigglepot South Australia · 1 review     94/100
2009 Mollydooker Maitre D’ South Australia · 1 review     93/100
2009 Mollydooker Two Left Feet South Australia · 1 review     93/100
2009 Mollydooker Scooter Merlot South Australia · 1 review     92/100
2010 Mollydooker The Violinist South Australia · 1 review     90/100

2009 Mollydooker Vintage Reviews

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Last night, Sarah and Sparky Marquis sat down with me to taste through the entire portfolio of wines from the 2009 vintage. I was the first person outside of the winery team to taste all the wines being offered from the 2009 growing season and the wines were outstanding.

I will be writing up my tasting notes on all 10 wines that will be offered for sale on www.mollydookerwines.com in the coming months. I have been working on Sarah and Sparky to offer members of www.WeLoveShiraz.com a special pre-ordering opportunity to make sure we secure a strong allocation of wines.

Best Mollydooker Wines

I’m asking for early access to their 2009 wines because Sarah feels that the 2009 vintage produced the best grapes and best blended wines that she has ever made! I completely agree with her assessment and thus I think that the 2009 wines will be be receiving high scores and that normally results in scarcity of supply.

Keep posted over the coming week for an update if I was successful in my negotiations. Another reason why I’m pushing for a pre-sale offering is that for the first time there are magnums of Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz which was off the charts yesterday in our tasting. This wine was AMAZING and I would love to see our community get a good allocation of wine and some magnums.

Another piece of great news is that since Sarah and Sparky purchased their new winery two years ago, the vines that had been on the property have produced amazingly high quality fruit under the Marquis Watering Program. As a result, the grapes used for Blue Eyed Boy were from their estates at a lower cost. In a demonstration of their passion for their faithful fans, Mollydooker is lowering the 2009 prices on Blue Eyed Boy Shiraz and Gigglepot Cabernet from $55 to $49 a bottle because of their lower costs.

I challenge anyone to find a higher quality wine experience for $49. Once you taste the 2009 Party Series wines, you will understand that affirmation.

2009 Boxer Shiraz

As a sneak peek, the 2009 Boxer Shiraz was by far the BEST Boxer ever produced and keep in mind that previous Boxer vintages have received 95 point scores. Without a doubt, the 2009 Boxer is my BEST VALUE WINE in the world. That’s right, I said the world. Nowhere I have found since an amazing wine experience for $25 a bottle. If this wine was produced from a boutique Napa winery, it would sell for $100 a bottle.

So, keep posted and I will be loading up my video tasting notes for each wine on http://www.weloveshiraz.com in the coming days. Please pass this website link to your friends and ask them to join our community. The fun has just started!

2009 Wines to Be Tasted and Documented Online by Brian Pasch

Brian Pasch, noted wine writer, is going to Australia in late march to taste the 2009 vintage of wines.  Pasch will be visiting several Australian wineries and will track his journey online using a new wine social networking site, http://www.weloveshiraz.com , as his platform.

Pasch’s first stop, and perhaps his most anticipated, is to the Mollydooker winery.  Mollydooker Wines are responsible for creating some of the world’s highest ranking wines, including the Carnival of Love Shiraz from McLaren Vale South Australia which was chosen as one of the Top 10 wines in the world in the Wine Spectator Top 100 wines annual review.   Their 2005 Lefty reds were rated the 1st, 2nd and 4th best value wines in the world under $20 by Wine Advocate, and their Love Wines received 99 and 96 point scores. 

Pasch will be the first to experience their 2009 vintage in its entirety and is excited to share his findings online with fellow Australian wine lovers.  Early reports already suggest that the 2009 vintage is outstanding, and Mollydooker co-owner, Sparky Marquis, says the 2009 wines are among some of the best wines they have ever bottled.

Beyond Mollydooker, Pasch will make his way through several well known wineries, all the while video-taping and blogging about the 2009 wines he has tasted and sharing his earliest discoveries and thoughts about the anticipated 2009 vintages from Australia. 

Those who love Australian wine can follow along with Pasch as he makes his way down under by joining http://www.weloveshiraz.com.  Here, they can also post comments and share stories about their favorite Australian wines. 

To learn more about Mollydooker wines, consumers can visit http://www.mollydookerwines.com

Mollydooker Wines Launches Online Community for Wine Enthusiasts

Australian wine making duo, Sarah and Sparky Marquis, announce a new, online wine lover’s forum for fans of Mollydooker Wines.  The new website brings together Australian wine enthusiasts in a fun and unique web-based community that allows members to share experiences about their favorite Mollydooker wines.

The new website can be found at http://www.weloveshiraz.com/

Wine lovers can go to http://www.weloveshiraz.com  and add their own photos and stories about how they came to drink the famous Mollydooker blends, wine events they have attended, tastings and wine events that they themselves have held.

Mollydooker Wines are responsible for creating some of the world’s highest ranking wines, including the Carnival of Love Shiraz from McLaren Vale South Australia which was chosen as one of the Top 10 wines in the world in the Wine Spectator Top 100 wines annual review.   Their 2005 Lefty reds were rated the 1st, 2nd and 4th best value wines in the world under $20 by Wine Advocate, and their Love Wines received 99 and 96 point scores. 

The Wine Advocate also rated their 2006 Lefty wines among the best value wines in the world, and Velvet Glove became their fifth wine to be awarded 99 points. Additionally, Wine Spectator selected The Boxer as a “Best Value Wine” and ranked the 2006 Carnival of Love as the 8th Best Wine in the World.   It’s no wonder the excitement surrounding these delicious wines has grown to new heights. 

The masterful blends of this Australian power duo have created a cult following of Mollydooker fanatics around the world.  The new website, http://www.weloveshiraz.com, will allow their worldwide fans to connect on a level that completely focuses on their love of Mollydooker Wines. 

Adding to the world of social networking, Mollydooker Wines is also connecting with fans on Facebook & Twitter.  Consumers can become a fan of their Facebook page by visiting http://www.facebook.com/MollydookerWines or follow them by visiting


For more information about the collection of Mollydooker Wines and their upcoming 2009 vintage, visit http://www.mollydookerwines.com  

About Sarah and Sparky Marquis of Mollydooker Wines:

Husband and wife team Sarah and Sparky Marquis are well known for making award winning wines for Fox Creek, Henry’s Drive, Parsons Flat, Shirvington and  Marquis Philips. This fun loving and inspiring couple now focuses exclusively on producing their own Mollydooker Wines.  Their motto is ‘We make wines which make people go WOW, through attention to detail and commitment to excellence.’ They guarantee the intense fruit flavors and quality of their wines by rating them on their Marquis Fruit Weight™ scale. This dedication and devotion to their craft has earned them the title of Australian Winemakers of the Year and produced a Wine Spectator Top 10 Wine of the World two years in a row and five wines that have scored 99-points from Robert Parker of the The Wine Advocate.

For more information:

Janet Gawith

General Manager (and Sparky’s mom)

Mollydooker Wines

South Australia

Toll Free: 888 637 4472