Flexing New Muscles

Today I had a great run in San Francisco with four friends. One was Adoni Maropis, who played Fayad in the TV series “24”.

Adoni is in great shape but the 9 mile run that we surprised him with today, a distance that he is not used to, got him pretty sore as we walked around SF tonight for dinner.

It got me thinking that even though Adoni works out regularly, and you can see that Adoni is in great shape, trying new things and flexing new muscles can really help us grow.

The running experience today will make Adoni stronger and healthier.

When I thought about Adoni, who is in such good shape, getting sore, it made me think of my own life and conditioning.

I reminded myself to develop disciplines to regularly flex NEW spiritual, mental, and emotional muscles.

I need to be pushing myself in all areas to grow and experience life in its fullest.  Life is really about balance.

I’m reading a book a week. I’m taking time to meditate. I’m setting out on new emotional paths. This is an exciting time for me.

Are you taking time to exercise all aspects of your being? When was the last time you were sore?