LinkedIn Training For Automotive Sales Professionals

By Brian Pasch

Creating A Local Referral Network

A great opportunity for sales professionals today is using LinkedIn to create a powerful LOCAL referral network.  I have created a video series for PCG clients that shows their sales staff how to setup a LinkedIn account and then how to use it to sell more cars.

Sales professionals should connect with all their customers as a matter of practice.  These connections will allow them to build long term business relationships with their customers.  LinkedIn will also allow sales professionals to connect with friends of their customers. The key is to know how to do increase local connections properly (politely) and within the guidelines of LinkedIn.

Another benefit:  LinkedIn emails have a SUPER HIGH delivery rate!!

Sometimes your customer email addresses go bad and you can lose that channel of communication over time.  LinkedIn profiles are normally updated when your customers change jobs which means LinkedIn connections have a longer lifespan than a work email address.

Start Your LinkedIn SALES Training

Are your sales professionals using LinkedIn every day?  They can’t if they don’t understand how it will help them to sell more cars.  They can’t if they don’t have a LinkedIn account.

All sales professionals should be spending at least 30 minutes a day building their skills, their local brand, and their referral network.  LinkedIn is one of a handful of new strategies that are available for sales professionals who will embrace the Internet and social/business networking tools.

Take a peek at the specific LinkedIn opportunity, by watching the first three videos in this seven part series:

I would love your feedback on “new” ideas or strategies that are working at your dealership to make your sales team stand out from local dealership choices.


Brian Pasch, CEO

PCG Consulting