My New Book: Mastering Automotive Digital Marketing


I encourage you to order a copy of my latest book “Mastering Automotive Digital Marketing.” The book contains over 480 pages of specific content for automotive marketing professionals.  Here are a few reviews of the book from the automotive community:

“Having had the opportunity to review Brian’s book prior to publication I was amazed at the detailed information in all the vital areas of Digital Marketing.  The book will serve a great purpose in our industry in providing dealerships with a comprehensive pathway to Digital Marketing Success.  Better master the ideas today because they are bound to change soon in the always dynamic Automotive Internet Marketplace.” – David Kain, Founder,

madm-book“Working the Internet has become so complex & expensive; many dealers are considering bringing on a Digital Marketing Manager (DMM) to oversee everything. Dealer Beware! Experienced DMM’s are rarer than a ’69 Yenko Camaro. In almost all cases, you’re going to need to build your own DMM & mentor them until they “get it”. It’s important to recruit the right candidate, give them the training and support needed ASAP.  Your new DMM and this guide is one giant step towards you taking control of the Internet & selling more cars!” – Joe Pistell, Senior Director Product Innovation,

“This book is THE digital marketing reference manual for the automotive industry. It’s comprehensive subject matter all in one volume is not rivaled anywhere else. If you are interested in understanding and improving your performance in the automotive digital marketing arena, this book is a must read.” – Brian Rydell, Dealer, Rydell Auto Group,

 “Mastering Automotive Digital Marketing is a must read for every Dealer Principal, General Manager and Marketer in the industry. It is quite simply the most complete and valuable source of information on the topic available in one place I’ve ever seen.” – Chip Dorman, Digital Marketing Manager, Ken Grody Ford

“Brian Pasch has created the blueprint for every Digital Marketing Manager in the Automotive Industry. Mastering Digital Marketing will immediately become the ‘go-to resource’ for anyone looking to dominate their market.” – Michael Warwick, Director of Digital Marketing, Kelly Auto Group

 “In 4 hours you can be up to date on the last 4 years of all digital marketing and operations. This book is a must read for any Dealer Principal, General Manager, or Marketing Manager. I will use this book as a guideline for my own account managers for all the things they must be proficient on.” – Yago Paramo, CEO, PGI Digital

“It’s not a textbook, or even a “How To” book, it’s a 1:1 conversation. If you can’t put an extra $250,000 to the bottom line by reading this book, maybe try real estate.”- Patrick Downes, Director of Digital Marketing, Ruge’s Subaru

“The struggle to navigate the automotive digital landscape is over! The definitive guide of what to know, what to pay attention to, and how to really win in the automotive digital space now exists. It’s called Mastering Automotive Digital Marketing, and I can’t thank Brian Pasch enough for the education.”- Mike Enke, General Manager, Rochester Motor Cars 

“When Brian Pasch speaks about anything to do with making money in the car business I listen. Dealer Principals, this is the playbook along with a road map for your store’s digital marketing. It’s a must read for General Managers and Marketing Managers. The inside chapters about websites & traffic are explained simply. Using this book will give you massive success against your competitors. Brian is always two steps ahead of anyone else and this book is no exception.” – Joe Gillespie, Owner, Dealer E Process

“With his new book, Mastering Automotive Digital Marketing, Brian Pasch has written the quintessential automotive digital marketing bible. Anyone in the auto industry who wants a clear understanding of what it takes to gain an unfair advantage over his or her competition in regards to automotive digital marketing should read this book.”- Tracy Myers, CMD/Dealer Principal, Frank Myers Auto Maxx

 “Brian’s book is a must read for all Dealer Principals, General Managers, and Marketing Managers who want to effectively promote all profit centers of their dealership, sell and service more vehicles, and take their business to an entirely new level.  In today’s cluttered and complicated automotive digital marketing landscape, all dealerships need a comprehensive outline to ensure they’ve left no stone unturned.  Brian covers what really matters and breaks each topic down into easily digestible information with actionable takeaways.  I can’t imagine operating in a dealership marketing role without having perused this entire book from start to finish.” – Justin Brun, e-Commerce Manager, Acton Toyota of Littleton

“I came to Social Media after spending my entire working life managing car dealerships. Brian’s book, “Mastering Automotive Digital Marketing” is a powerful resource for every dealer and their team. Today, marketing is the new sales. Your customers are online, your products are online, so you and your salespeople must be online. Social is no longer in its own silo. Brian’s book outlines how to make your digital marketing perform to generate traffic, leads and sales.”- Kathi Kruse, CEO and Founder, Kruse Control Inc.

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