Nexteppe Dealers Were Upgraded To The Wrong Automotive Website Platform

By Brian Pasch

nexteppe-logoThe New York based automotive website company known as Nexteppe, was acquired last November by Dealertrack Technologies; a deal that was under my radar screen.

This week I learned that some Nexteppe website customers were migrated to Dealertrack Technologies “Clickmotive” website technology, by April 1st, because the Nexteppe platform would not longer be supported.

If you don’t recall, Clickmotive was purchased by Dealertrack Technologies in 2012 for approximately 50 million dollars in cash.

If you are a former Nexteppe client and have had to move to Dealertrack’s Clickmotive technology, let me make a suggestion. Upgrade one more time, now.  I know that you just went through an upgrade, but you should not be on this dated platform.

Call your Dealertrack representative and ask them to move you to the latest website and digital marketing platform. Investing time and money to add content and optimize the Clickmotive technology will be a waste of time.

Let me be clear that I am not singling out ONE website platform as the best for all dealers.  What I am saying is that within the Dealertrack Technologies portfolio, there is only one superior website technology. The clear winner is is a TOP Automotive Website Platform

The latest platform is far superior to Dealertrack’s (Clickmotive) current offering, especially since the Clickmotive platform does not have a response/adaptive theme. It would be hard to prove that staying with Clickmotive technology is a smart choice for dealer’s in the Dealertrack family of companies. was one of five companies that received the highest ratings in the 2014 Automotive Website Awards rankings.  Their backend interface for digital marketing management is the most integrated and best designed on the market today.

It is my predication that Dealertrack will eventually sunset the Clickmotive offering, so any investment in that technology is money wasted.  This is not the current official Dealertrack company line, it is my opinion. For dealers in this situation, I would recommend an immediate upgrade, even though you just went through this forced upgrade.

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Brian Pasch, CEO

PCG Consulting