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pcg-logoInternet blogging has given individuals unprecedented access and freedom to  distribution of written content and opinion. This Freedom is both a blessing and a curse depending on the content and target of the written piece.

The need for Internet Reputation Management has sky-rocketed in response to business owners who find themselves confronted with highly visible commentary of their business on Google, Yahoo and MSN searches.

Business owners often feel helpless in protecting their online reputation from valid blog posts and negative posts planted by competitors. On the flip side, businesses often fail to leverage positive commentary and testimonials posted on the Internet. Having a proactive strategy for disseminating positive commentary can often be the best defense against future negative attacks.

Internet Reputation Management services have a bright future. New web content is growing in direct relation to the explosive growth of social networking portals. Each month new tools are being made available to allow a non-technical Internet user to create their own website, blog and social networking portal. With the ease at which content can be created, organized and shared on the Internet, business owners need to be mindful of what is being written about their company.

An Internet Reputation Management strategy should have a clear escalation plan for positive and negative commentary. Positive commentary should be evaluated and the very best should be included on a company blog or website news page. Companies should get permission from the individual to repurpose their commentary in marketing materials.

Negative content should have an immediate response strategy which is best handled by a seasoned SEO and Reputation Management Consultant (RPC). Every post will have a different strategy depending on where the post was made and the policies of the website host.

Leveraging Your Satisfied Customers

Reputation Management requires both an offensive and defensive strategy. The longer an offensive strategy is in place, the harder it is for negative commentary to drastically affect any business. If a company has been lax at posting positive commentary, then Any negative commentary will look out of proportion.

Business owners can no longer ignore public commentary and commercial review websites. A restaurant owner that has a comment posted on the Internet about a food poisoning episode, without balanced commentary, will be affected for consumers looking to try a new restaurant using Internet based searches. A hotel that has posts about dirty bed linens and mildew will see their online bookings drop. Simply stated, any post with a specific company name needs to be reviewed.

The PCG Digital Marketing has effective methodologies and strategies to assist business owners in implementing a solid reputation management action plan. If you would like additional information, visit http://www.paschconsulting.com